What Clients are saying about us:

"Hopewell's geological expertise was tested during a sensitive geological project that occurred in Bangladesh earlier this year. We were more than pleased with the precision and geological expertise demonstrated by Hopewell that ensured the project's success".

Keith Rawlinson
Chief Geophysicist
NIKO Resources Inc.

"I have been very impressed with Hopewell's attention to detail and prompt service. We view Hopewell as part of our exploration team."

Derek Krivak (B.Sc.)
Chief Operating Officer
Stealth Ventures Ltd.

What Consultants are saying about us:

"As a seasoned geologist of 30 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the interesting and diverse geological challenges both domestically and internationally that Hopewell has provided that complements my level of expertise"

Dave Jackson
Sr. Geologist

"Hopewell Petroleum continues to offer me challenging and interesting contracts which I enjoy. The greatest advantage is always having highly experienced well site geologists to consult should the need arise."

Simon Meis
Wellsite Geologist